Taking Flight

Taking Flight, 11 May 2018, chalk and pastel on pavement at Middlebury College, 33′ x 9′, 8 hours.
…Because even flying pigs need some TLC!
Watch the video to see just how extreme the 3D distortion is!  Wait for it…

Here’s a quick glimpse into chalk process!  Not the string grid and the sketchy under-chalking.  This provides an ugly but fantastic platform to layer other colors on top of:

Thin underlayer rubbed into the concrete for a base.
Pig and grid.
Check out the clipboard…that’s where it all begins.

Pig in progress
You never have quite the right colors, so mixing via cross-hatching allows unexpected colors to interact to create a sense of motion, light, and even…the overall color you were looking for.  Dirty feet for scale.
…but then again, some colors are just so lovely all on their own!
I very much enjoyed going wild with this particular section!  These are bee-eater wings, and I chose them for how gloriously colorful they are!
Fun with linework
Perky pig snout!
Go, buddy, go!